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Karen Baker

A Pastel artist and teacher, Karen Baker paints what she is most inspired by-the world of nature and its ever-changing landscape in all seasons. Favorite New England subjects include old farm buildings, hillsides, open meadows and mountain vistas. Her low-country series depicts the waterways and marshlands of the south, as well as the remote land masses of the Everglades and Florida sugar cane fields. She is also known for her colorful floral paintings, particularly the poppy series which features flowers and more detailed, close up studies.

Baker's paintings are interwoven with the natural light and subtle emotion. They are highly textural and expressive of a personal dialogue with nature. She paints vivid colors, variety of values, and crisp edges as she aims to capture the qualities of light. Baker is skilled at using color not only to render form but to create great depth in the picture plane. Her paintings are clearly recognizable by their dramatic skies and full-palette hues.

All her work is rendered entirely in soft pastel which she likes for its direct application, tactile quality, portability,color variations, luminosity, and calligraphy of line. Her paintings are composites of many visual resources. She works both in the studio and outdoors, creating finished pieces from plein air color studies, sketches, photo references and more importantly, her imagination, which she believes produces paintings most expressive of an "inner landscape". Her favorite light of the day to capture in a landscape painting is late afternoon when the sun is at a low angle, yeilding shadows and warm colors.

Click on each picture below to see larger versions of the picture and additional information on the piece.

"Poppy Field #58"   "Poppy Field #50"   "Poppy Field #56"   "Poppy Field #30"
"Gallup Pitch"   "In Green Pastures"   "Apple Blossoms"   "January Thaw"
"Field of Iris #7"   "Castle Garden"   "Autumn Memory #5"   "Autumn Memory #6"
"Winter Memory #5"   "Poppy #105"   "Poppy #110"    
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