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Arthur O'Callaghan

Arthur O'Callaghan was born in County Cork, Ireland and immigrated here to the states 11 years ago. O'Callaghan got his classical training working with Craig Srebnick, an artist and teacher based in Somerville. He was inspired toward his realistic style at that point.
Having displayed in several galleries around New England, his work is making an impact on young and old alike. O'Callaghans' ability allows him to easily flow from landscapes to seascapes to street scenes to still lifes. His adept use of light and color make him a truly gifted painter who can draw you into his paintings!

Click on each picture below to see larger versions of the picture and additional information on the piece.

"Quiet Thoughts"   "A Day at the Beach"   "Kenmare County Kerry"   "Barracks Street Cork"
"Father and Son, Shandon Street"   "A Quiet Time"   "The Big Story"   "Old Reliable Pub"
"Trinity Church, Cork"   "Wine For Two"   "Victorian Citrus"   "Onions"
"Summer Fruit"   "Fruits From the Garden"   "Pears"   "Winter Solstice"
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