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Sharon Price

Ms. Price is a primarily self-taught landscape painter who grew up on Long Island South in Clinton, Connecticut. Particularly fascinated by water, she often finds herself choosing the coast of Maine, Martha's Vineyard and Plum Island as her primary subject matter. She loves the excitement of painting "en Plein air" and believes that painting on location adds an entirely new dimension to her landscapes. "The paintings have an excitement about them, because they truly capture a moment in time. I can achieve more intense color and emotion when working en plein air than when working from a photograph at home," she says. "I have a propensity to focus on small details, so painting in fleeting light and changing weather conditions forces me to concentrate on the most important elements of the painting, like mood, color and especially light"

In addition, she thinks that painting outdoors is a great form of therapy. Listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, the gentle roll of the surf and tide changing, or the birds and other wildlife is incredibly calming and soothing which is then transferred to the canvas. Painting only scenes that capture her interest and love of coastal landscapes, she truly leaves a piece of her heart and soul in every painting.

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"Autumn Solitude II"   "Awakening"   "Blue"   "Harvest"
"Evening Light"   "Verdant"        
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